Welcome to the Year of Joy!

Your invitation to a Year of Joy

Please join us in the Year of Joy online community for 52 weeks of inspiration and activities to help you plan for and harvest more joy in your own life, as well as to bring more joy into the lives of others! A year of opportunity to connect with people also intent on adding more joy to their lives.

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Discover Your Own Joy Cocktail

Over the last few years we have dug deep into the science of joy and interviewed 1000’s of people on what brings and what doesn’t bring joy into their lives.

We have discovered common ingredients contributing towards people’s feeling of joy, what we call the Recipe for Joy. But we also know that each person needs to mix the joy ingredients in the right way for them to make their very own joy cocktail so to speak.

Joy is a Journey

It might be a cliché, but joy is very much a journey and not a destination.

Perhaps you are already on your own joy journey or perhaps you are just ready to start your journey to intentionally bring more joy into your life? Either way, you are more than welcome to join us for a Year of Joy.

Joy is a Choice

The path to finding more joy is not always easy, especially in today’s challenging world. The many challenges we are facing both individually and collectively are negatively impacting many of us and the amount of joy we are feeling. Perhaps you are feeling the negative impacts too?

Research by scientists at Harvard shows that 40% of our feeling of joy is determined by our own actions. In other words, although we cannot control everything, we do have the possibility to make the choice and influence almost half – a whopping amount, which we can easily lose sight of in the midst of all the challenges.

Finding Your Own Recipe for Joy

Our research tells us that many people are ready for more joy. It also tells us that many people are not sure how to go about finding more joy. Maybe that’s you?

When joining the Year of Joy, the first thing you get to do is to take the Joy Barometer and find out where you currently are on your Joy Journey. You’ll receive your own Joy Scorecard which will help you see your joy strengths, as well as the areas you can work on to enhance your feeling of joy.

Fuel your Recipe with Joy Superpowers

Our research into joy shows that there is a multitude of attitudes and behaviors which can positively impact our state of joy. We’ve discovered over 160 so far and are sure that even that list is not exhaustive!

For the Year of Joy, we have selected 52 of these attitudes and behaviors, which we call Joy Superpowers, and which you can use to empower you to live more joyfully.

One Joy Superpower for each week of the Year of Joy.
Each week an expert in that Joy Superpower will provide you with inspiring stories and practical tips on how to use that Joy Superpower to add more joy to our own life as well as the lives of others. Over the weeks that follow you can then work, or rather play, alongside or with others to integrate that Joy Superpower into your life. You get to focus on the Joy Superpowers which are of most value to you.

Welcome to the Year of Joy community!

Are you inspired to join us for a Year of Joy?

It’s free to join and there is no obligation to stay in the community if you don’t enjoy it. The only thing we ask is that you come into the community with an open mind and an open heart, as well as a willingness to put in the work, or rather play, needed to choose and find joy.

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Joy is about Your Wellbeing

Finding joy does not have to be about finding rainbows and unicorns, although for some it definitely is and there is certainly not much more uplifting than a rainbow. Just ask the people of the Marshall Islands, some of the happiest people in the world, in part at least because their word for ‘hello’ is ‘iwake’ or in English literally ‘you are a rainbow’.

Finding joy is also about making practical choices and changes to the way you live your life. And those changes start with you and the love you show yourself, the care you take of your emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

The Year of Joy is designed specifically to help you to make choices that improve your wellbeing

Joy is about Belonging

Joy is about finding your tribe where you can be yourself and authentically belong.

Change isn’t an easy thing. And finding joy in your life is not always easy either. We do know however that finding joy and making it stick is much, much easier when you are surrounded and supported by people, who are also working to add more joy into their lives.

For this reason, we have built a community element into the Year of Joy enabling you to connect and interact with people on a similar joy journey to yours, as well as to gain inspiration from people who are on different journeys. Sugar and spice.

Joy is about Impact

Finding joy is also about having a positive impact. On yourself, on others.

Joy alone cannot solve all the world’s problems. But we believe that joy can be an important part of the solution. Joy can help us individually, and joy can also give us the strength to collectively come together to tackle the challenges the world is facing. The Year of Joy is our part to change the energy in the world from one of fear and hopelessness to one of optimism and joy.

The Year of Joy is designed to inspire and empower you to find your recipe for a more joy-filled life for your own benefit, the benefit of those you love, as well as for the benefit of humanity and the planet.

Joy is about Fun

Sometimes we can get so wrapped up in things that we forget to enjoy ourselves. The Year of Joy is designed to remind us to smell the flowers and have fun along the way to improving our wellbeing, increasing our sense of belonging and having a positive impact.

We’ll help plan for and harvest more joy in your life and to do so with a smile on your face and laugh or three.